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Saturday, May 05, 2012

LAX Screeners Arrested on Drug Smuggling

TSA Screeners at LAX
Arrested on Federal Drug Trafficking

Corruption Charges


On April 25 two former and two current Transportation Security Administration screeners at Los Angeles International Airport were arrested on federal narcotics trafficking and bribery charges for allegedly taking cash payments to allow large shipments of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana to pass through x-ray machines at TSA security checkpoints. Authorities are continuing to search for one alleged drug courier named in the 22-count grand jury indictment.


The indictment outlines five specific incidents that occurred between February and July 2011. In one incident, two defendants allegedly agreed that a drug courier would bring about five kilograms of cocaine through a security checkpoint that was being staffed by a defendant; however when the courier failed to follow the screener’s instructions, TSA officials uninvolved in the scheme seized the courier’s bag, which was filled with cocaine.

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