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Thursday, September 04, 2014

25i-NBOMe/LSD Gets a Ride on the Mississippi!

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) -- Jackson, Mississippi NBC Affiliate WLBT first introduced Denise Tate.  "He was manic and he was not the same person at all," said Tate.  She refers to her son Bailey Tate. Tate says her son smoked marijuana that contained 25i / NBOM3 a Designer Drug - generally considered to be synthetic LSD.  This drug, engineered in a laboratory, is relatively new to north Mississippi according to the County Sheriff's investigator Brett Watson.  

"Anytime something is new, the effects of it in the long term and short term of it are just simply not known," said lt. Watson.

 25i can cause a person to hallucinate and dramatically change behavior to a state of euphoria.  A narcotics officers whose identify we conceal has a prediction.  "The dosage unit is so high that it could potentially kill them.  That's is a big problem for us and a big problem for anyone trying it."  MSU University spokesperson Sid Salter is quick to point out that there have been no incidents related to 25i reported on the MSU campus.  He goes on to say precautions are being taken to make sure students have all the information they need on this relatively new synthetic drug.  Reporters spoke to some MSU students at random and not one was aware of 25i, but they are now.

STS provides complete Supervisor and Employee Drug and Alcohol training which includes a chapter on Designer Drugs such as 25i.

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