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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Florida Pill Mills raid nets $2.2m & 70 cars

Operation Pill Nation
nets 70 cars and $2.2 million cash.

Oxycodone/Psychotherapeutics: This week- DEA Agents arrested 22 people, garbed over $2.2 million, and 70 vehicles, including numerous exotic cars.  These arrests are the first and result from 340 undercover buys of prescription drugs from over 60 doctors in more than 40 “pill mills” in South Florida.

                  Areas in the U.S. where Oxycodone is most abused.

        Among those arrested were doctors who were conspiring to distribute and dispense more than 660,000 dosage units of the Schedule II narcotic oxycodone.  The DEA considers prescription drug abuse as this country’s fastest growing drug problem and pill mills are fueling much of that growth.

        The indictment alleges that the defendants marketed the clinics through more than 1,600 internet sites, required immediate cash payments from patients for a clinic “visit fee,” and falsified patients’ urine tests for a fee to justify the highly addictive pain medications.
                   Currently, drug dealers can sell a 30 mg oxycodone pill on the street for $10 to $30. The drug can be crushed and snorted or dissolved and injected to get an immediate high.


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