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Saturday, September 27, 2014

$500 Per Packet Fine for Spice In Alaska

NEW law banning Spice @ 500 per packet

By Shannon Ballard 8:38 PM September 19, 2014WASILLA – 

The effects of synthetic drugs have proven so dangerous that lawmakers decided a statewide ban was needed.  This week, Alaska’s new spice law took effect. It authorizes law enforcement to fine anyone who sells or possesses illicit synthetic drugs.  The new state law was modeled after ordinances Anchorage and Wasilla passed earlier this year.

The idea of the law to keep synthetic drugs off the shelves by targeting misleading packaging rather than specific chemicals used in the drugs.  In Anchorage, the ordinance had an immediate effect, with most stores pulling the dangerous drugs from the shelves.  Wasilla Police Chief Gene Belden says spice was once a major problem in the valley leading to violence and car wrecks.

“Since the ordinance, I am not aware of any of these types of crimes going on. I’m not aware of anyone calling in and saying this smoke shop or that smoke shop is selling these types of products,” said Belden.

Under the new law, the penalty for possession of “spice” is $500 per packet.


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